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theScore announced in the United States that they will be launching their own theScore sportsbook. This new development makes it possible for them to offer their clients online and mobile sports betting services across New Jersey, in addition to their extensive sports news coverage.

Note that this is still subject to approval and licensing from the New Jersey Racing Commission (NJRC) and the State of New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE). However, as soon as these approvals are received, we can look forward to theScore kick-starting its sports betting platform in New Jersey. This means that sports fans, especially theScore fans, can now sign-up in order to receive updates on launch schedules through the potential score sportsbook website.

What is theScore?

theScore is a media company with public trading which offers sports scores and updates through its website and mobile application. It is aimed to become involved in sports betting by launching The Score sportsbook and theScore sports betting app New Jersey.

They have always been a prevalent site that boasts of a massive amount of followers all over the world due to its unique sports app. Currently, the brand boasts of over 4 million active users on its sports app. This is a large database which could be converted to a market for theScore sportsbook as soon as it becomes active.

The operator can be said to be dynamic in the way it reached over 50 million sports, and as a result of this, they are able to disburse about 1.5 billion sports-related alerts to their users every month. The operator’s social media engagement include 3.4 million Facebook followers and about 1 million Instagram followers. All these are definitely going to be a great enhancement to theScore sportsbook.

theScore Sportsbook

How to bet with theScore

Don’t let the figures at the Score sportsbook New Jersey confuse you. All you need to do is to learn all the basics in sports betting and start enjoying your bet. Let’s take a look at how you can stake your bet in the Score sportsbook.

To bet on an auto race, it is necessary to pay attention to the betting arrangement which is similar to the betting arrangement for golf. The basic concept is predicting who will win a race. Normally, a sportsbook makes a list of 20 individual drivers or more and also include a field option, at various odds.

For baseball betting, input your choice team’s bet number and the amount you wish to bet on them. If your prediction is right, you win. The payout varies in relation to the odds ascribed to each team.

The odds for baseball are shown using a “Money Line” and are usually for game odds of $1. A positive sign preceding the number shows the team is an underdog while a negative sign indicates it as a favorite.

For basketball bettings, indicate the bet number of your team of choice, spread the points and input your wager amount. The payout is regularly calculated at odds of 10/11 unless otherwise stated.

To bet on football, just select the number of teams you want to bet on, spread the points and amount you want to wager across the teams and place your bet. Usually, the payout amount is calculated at 10/11 odds.

N.B: A 10/11 odds means placing an $11 wager will bring you an extra $10 making your total payout value $21. It is also called a straight bet and is the most common type of odds in football betting

What promo codes to expect?

The Score sportsbook is equipped to offer some exclusive promotional codes to let you get the most out of your online betting experience.

The operator could offer a promo code that would serve to activate a possible welcome bonus. That bonus could be on any amount. There are several types of bonuses, like no-deposit or deposit match bonuses, so it could be one of those.

We can’t claim anything with certainty right now, but let’s hope that new players with the sportsbook will have something to look for.

theScore Newsletter

theScore in New Jersey (NJ)

They are getting into NJ sports betting thanks to a pair of partnerships which include Monmouth Park Racetrack. TheScore is also working with startup Bet. They are working to provide a unique sports betting platform in all ramification. In reference to this, the deal was termed as an “exclusive nationwide multi-year agreement.”

FanDuel and other sportsbooks have all made quite a name for themselves when NJ sports betting started due to their existing database and brand recognition.

theScore sportsbooks is a representative of a stern challenge for its executives because of its loyal and dedicated user base. This is because their engagements and users supersede that of the other major competitors.

Hopefully, the Score sportsbook New Jersey will quickly rise to fame on the NJ market and other subsequent states they might expand to.

theScore Review Conclusion

The brand has always been the fans’ favorite due to its unique sports apps that offers almost everything about sports update. This shows that the Score sportsbook NJ will offer the same unique service that will wow their audience because the Score simply doesn’t offer mediocre services.

Moreover, the Score sportsbook is bound to offer exceptional promo codes along with excellent online services to theScore highly engaged and wide-range fans.

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